The Brett Berhoff Experience™ LIVE!

Brett Berhoff is an entrepreneur and influencer. He is sought after by corporations and individuals for his innovative thought leadership and strategic expertise.  

Brett began his career at Morgan Stanley’s Boutique office and later transitioned to an elite group at Bear Stearns in the early 2000’s. Since then, he continues to succeed in a broad spectrum of industries.  Alongside his entrepreneurial endeavors, Brett continues to work with corporations to motivate, strategize and educate.  

Brett has taken his message to companies and associations throughout the United States.  He loves to speak about motivation, strategy, business development and success.  His unique approach inspires others and often includes audience participation to elevate the inspirational energy that is already in the room.  

Most recently, he is gearing up for the launch of The Brett Berhoff Experience™ TOUR!, where he is interviewing some of the most inspiring minds from around the globe.  

Brett is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and featured in the Harvard Business Review, TheStreet, The Goodmen Project, and Linkedin PULSE (alongside Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Suze Orman, Richard Branson, Mike Bloomberg, and more).

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